Download Our WhatsApp Stickers Now!

Our WhatsApp stickers are ready for download from the Google Play Store!
And iPhone users, don't worry! This stickers can be used on all phones, including iPhones. You will just need a nice friend (who uses an Android phone) to download the stickers for you and send to yourself.

Download the stickers from here, or the link below:

Do kindly give us a review on Google Play Store if you enjoy the stickers, thank you! 😘

We hope you like the stickers!


  • It’s too troublesome to get a friend to download on her android phone and sent to me. Most of my friends use iPhone. Hope you can make it available for download from App Store

  • Do make the Ang Ku Kueh app in Iphone. App😍 many thanks.😘

  • It’s very sad that your Ang ku keuh girl sticker is only available on Google Play store. Most of my close friends and family are iPhone users. Hope you can make it available on App Store soon. Thank you very much.

    Rosemary Lim

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