Png Kueh Girl

Png Kueh GirlTM is inspired by the Png Kueh (literally Rice Cake) which is a glutinous rice cake that is shaped like a peach. Mushrooms, dried shrimps and peanuts are usually added to this savoury rice cake. Traditionally, the peach is a symbol of longevity. Hence, Png Kueh Girl also represents well wishes for a long and happy life!

Png Kueh GirlTM is the a good friend of Ang Ku Kueh Girl®.

Png Kueh Girl always appears gentle, demure and feminine. However, when she is flustered, she may forget to behave in her usual dainty self.

 Png Kueh Girl and Chwee Kueh Boy are childhood sweethearts.


She has a little kitten, called the Kucinta Cat (Singapura Cat). Png Kueh GirlTM also likes to collect stickers and other cute stationery.


She is shy and more reserved, a good foil to the lively Ang Ku Kueh Girl®. She wears a pretty hairband that is shaped like a peach and traditional white school shoes. She likes reading but does not enjoy playing the piano that much.

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