About Us

Ang Ku Kueh Girl® and Friends™ puts a charming twist on Asian heritage and is an icon that evokes much love and joy. Get to know Ang Ku Kueh Girl® and her friends, who are all inspired by popular snacks in Singapore!

All our products are functional and created with a whimsical touch to remind us about the joy and happiness of everyday life on our little island. We love using them and hope that you do too! 

Our main character, Ang Ku Kueh Girl® (红龟粿女孩) is inspired by a local pastry, ang ku kueh which is red and shaped like a tortoise shell. This kueh symbolises blessings for good fortune and longevity. Similarly, Ang Ku Kueh Girl® and her friends wish you joy and happiness!

If you enjoy cute character goods, these are the perfect souvenirs from Singapore! Proudly designed in Singapore.

Watch our short Ang Ku Kueh Girl® animation video to find out about life on the Little Red Dot!



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