Ang Ku Kueh Girl 红龟粿女孩


Ang Ku Kueh Girl® (红龟粿女孩), literally Red Tortoise Cake Girl, is inspired by an Asian pastry, ang ku kueh (红龟粿), which is red and shaped like a tortoise shell. Like this sweet snack, Ang Ku Kueh Girl symbolises blessings for good luck, longevity and happiness.

Having a deep-rooted sense of insecurity, Ang Ku Kueh Girl has the tendency to compare herself with others. She feels conscious of her humble bean-paste origins and wears a bright red bonnet to make herself stand out.

Day by day, she learns that a thankful heart is the only true source of happiness and beauty. She is now thankful for every beautiful thing in her sweet life.



She enjoys wearing slippers like most Singaporeans too! Her green dress is reminiscent of the banana leaf that an ang ku kueh is placed on.

Her plush tortoise is handmade using vintage fabric from her mother. But, she ran out of green fabric and thus the tortoise tail was created in a different floral fabric from the body.

 Her good friend is Red Egg whom she meets at the Dragon Playground



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