Pink Blossoms on the Little Red Dot

Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Pink Trumpet Flowers Sakura Pangolin Sambar Deer Otter

Illustration of Ang Ku Kueh Girl enjoying the pink flowers with native animals, sunda pangolin, sambar deer, smooth-backed otter, and the olive-backed sunbird. 

Singapore has been blooming with pink trumpet flowers this week and it's beautiful. 

Commonly known as the "sakura" of Singapore, the scientific name of the pink trumpet flower is Tabebuia rosa. It is native to the American tropics but planted in Singapore for its shade. Now, it is more than just functional, it is also pretty too!

Here are a closeup of the flower:

Photo: Tee Swee Ping (from National Parks Board)Close up of Pink Trumpet Flowers  National Parks Board

 Check out other pretty photos on National Heritage Board's facebook page.



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