Life is Sweet: Ang Ku Kueh Girl Checklist Printable

A Sweet New Beginining

Thank you for your overwhelming response to the Ang Ku Kueh Girl daily checklist. I'm so thrilled to share this free printable with you.  

Here are some tips on using the checklist! 

To Do section: Tick off the item when it is completed. There is nothing more satisfying than putting pen to paper in making that big fat tick. ;)

To Schedule section: Use this to jot down sudden tasks so that they do not interrupt your planned day. Schedule them for another day if these tasks are not urgent.  Penning tasks down keeps the stress at bay when they are not hogging space at the back of our minds.

Daily Habits section: I would suggest having only 1 or two daily habits to maintain so that it is easier to keep the momentum going. However, if you're more ambitious, I have set out 3 lines for you. 

My Mini Sweet Reward section: Here's a sweet treat for yourself! Writing it out keeps us motivated and helps ensure that we do not over-reward ourselves too i.e. maybe just half a handful of chips instead of eating a whole pack mindlessly?

Sending you sweet thoughts on your daily journey! Do share with us on how you use the checklist #angkukuehgirl. 

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[PS: The Ang Ku Kueh Boy version will be sent to you a few days later you receive the Ang Ku Kueh Girl checklist. :)] 

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