Happy Friyay!

Happy Friyay! 

Some of you have commented on my previous post and I want to thank you for it. 😙 I would also like to offer my humble suggestions to some of the points raised:

1. The space that is freed after decluttering is liberating for me. Once I have experienced it, I have no regrets whatsoever in giving away any of my things. My heart is free and my soul is lighter in an uncluttered environment.
2. For new items, I think of it as freeing the items so that they can be of use to other people (instead of sitting in my cardboard unused). It would finally be of service to someone.
3. After clearing away many things, I would always think twice about adding anything new to the house. This also creates less waste in the long run. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts! Happy Friday! Be free!

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