Akkg X Totallyhotstuff: Box Set Of 3 Erasers Stationery

AKKG X TotallyHotStuff: Box Set of 3 Erasers

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The Ang Ku Kueh Eraser is a FUN-SIZED eraser version of the Chinese pastry.

Made of a glutinous rice-flour skin wrapped around a sweet filling, 'ang ku kueh' literally translates to "red tortoise cake". Its traditional red colour as well as the Chinese character "shou" symbolises prosperity and long life. 

Comes in a box of 3 erasers:

  • Yellow ang ku kueh eraser x1
  • Red ang ku kueh eraser x1
  • Purple ang ku kueh eraser x1

Box dimensions: 17.5cm * 8cm * 2cm. Each eraser: 6cm * 5cm * 1.5cm