Mooncake #KuehOfTheMonth

Guess what's on this September?

Yes, we are celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival on 15 September this year!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a Chinese festival which celebrates reunion and spending time with your loved ones. In Singapore, it is all about gathering and celebrating with the family, accompanied by colourful lanterns and delicious mooncakes.

Let's find out more about this special festival together with Ang Ku Kueh Girl!

 Do you know there are several legends associated with Mid-Autumn Festival?

What an innovative way of passing messages! Now you know what you can do with your leftover mooncakes ;D

If you are looking for something beyond the traditional mooncakes, our Snow Skin Mooncake Wristlet is a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones!

Another fun activity during Mid-Autumn Festival is solving riddles!

These riddles were traditionally written on the lanterns displayed during the festival. Could you guess the answers for the riddles below? ;)

Check out our Facebook page for the answers!


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Friends!


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