Ang Ku Kueh #KuehOfTheMonth

Ang Ku Kueh Girl is here to bring you on an adventure! :D

Join us on our weekly posts where Ang Ku Kueh Girl and her friends bring you bite-size facts about different Asian kuehs!

This week, Ang Ku Kueh Girl will kick start this fun exploration while we learn more about her favourite kueh, ang ku kueh! (Well, you've guessed it! ;D)

First, let us learn how the name 'ang ku kueh' came about and what this delicious kueh signifies.

This is also why Ang Ku Kueh Girl ('AKKG') is here to wish you happiness and good luck, just like her favourite kueh.

We can eat an ang ku kueh anytime as a snack when we're hungry! ;D But traditionally, ang ku kueh is eaten during a baby's first month as well as during birthday celebrations!

Have you ever found yourself wondering if a baby is a girl or a boy? Well, you can check out the ang ku kuehs given away at a first-month celebration to find out! When the baby is a girl, the ang ku kuehs have tortoise shell patterns on them, whereas for a baby boy, the ang ku kueh is smooth and round. 


Red egg is commonly paired with ang ku kueh, as both symbolise blessings for good luck and long life! 


How well do you know Ang Ku Kueh Girl and her friend, Red Egg? Here are some of their unique features!


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Stay tuned to our blog posts and we'll see you again next week :D


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