Spot Ang Ku Kueh Girl in Thumbs Up (大拇指) !

Guess who is featured in a monthly column of the popular student publication, Thumbs Up!

If you guessed Ang Ku Kueh Girl, then you're right! Catch Ang Ku Kueh Girl and her friends in Thumbs Up (大拇指) every month in Thumbs Up, where they will share with you more about the cultural significance behind some yummy snacks in Singapore.

Thumbs Up (大拇指): A Student Publication by Singapore Press Holdings

Thumbs Up (大拇指) is a Chinese newspaper published in Singapore for school children. It was launched by Deputy Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong (Current Prime Minister) on 15 January 2000. Most primary schools in Singapore subscribe to the newspaper for their Chinese students, to improve their Chinese language. 

The newspaper reports both international and local news, with fun and games elements embedded within the articles.

The newspaper is published once a week by Singapore Press Holdings.

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