Png Kueh #KuehOfTheMonth

Hope you've enjoyed the food adventure with Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Red Egg last month!

This month, let their friend, Png Kueh Girl, bring you through the interesting facts of Png Kueh!

Did you know that png kueh literally means rice cake (where "png" = rice, and "kueh" = cake)? Png kueh is a peach-shaped traditional snack filled with flavorful glutinous rice. Yummy!

Traditionally, the peach is a symbol of longevity. Hence, Png Kueh Girl also represents well wishes for a long and happy life! Do you know how did the symbolism of longevity came about? According to legend...


How well do you know Png Kueh Girl and her pet, Kucinta Cat? Let's find out!

Png Kueh Girl's pet is a Singapura cat breed, also affectionately known as the Kucinta Cat.  Kucinta is formed by two Malay words, kuching (cat) and cinta (love)!


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